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Jul 15, 2011 5:00am EDT
newspapers in news international is the name of the company, rebekah brooks has resigned. this is a message from rebeka brooks, which we're working to confirm, the ceo of news international has said she has resigned because she feels a deep sense of responsibility for the people we have hurt, that's her quote. that's rebekah brooks. she wants to reiterate, she says, how sorry i am for what we know to have taken place. she is resigning as the ceo of news international, which is the parent company of the news corporation newspapers. she's been there for 22 years. she's been under a great deal of pressure. she was one of the three people who has been subpoenaed to british parliament to testify. she is the one, she's a british citizen, so she is compelled to go, although we do have news this morning that both rupert murdoch and his son, while rupert murdoch is not a british citizen, will in fact testify before parliament. there she is, rebekah brooks, being supported by rupert murdoch, she has offered her resignation and has left the company. >>> can you guess which newsmaker made this statemen
Jul 19, 2011 2:00am PDT
and so, too late-night comedy. >> former news corporation rebekah brooks was arrested over the weekend for illegal wiretapping and bribing police officers for information. you know, i don't think she's getting. she said, how much is it going to take to make this away? >> news of the world, the newspaper in london has been accused now of allegedly hacking in to phones, cell phones of other people. even the royal family. so, tonight, we have a little segment called scandalous phone call of the night. >> hello. >> big deal. who cares if the head of scotland yard resigns. why is scotland yard policing england anyway? call me when the head of england yard resigns nap's news. >> time for your political ticker with tim farley. listen, i want to show you a poll. as the clock ticks -- as we get closer to that deadline for the debt ceiling, a new cbs poll shows that 46% say that the debt ceiling should be raised. compared to 24% in june. 49% shouldn't compared to 69% in june. the president has asked for a deal to get done by friday. what is your sense of it? >> sense right now is that -- somethi
Jul 18, 2011 2:00am PDT
keep coming and the scope keeps widening. rebekah brooks arrested. the woman once headed up his british papers, she's out on bail. headline two, the head of scotland yard resigns. sir paul stevenson is quitting over criticism how he handled the saga. >> as commissioner i carry ultimate responsibility for the position we find ourselves in. with hindsight i wish we had sunlged matters involve this affair differently. i didn't and that's that. >>> brace for an explosive few days ahead. ra beck that brooks, rupert murdock and his son are scheduled to be questioned by british lawmakers tuesday. >>> 15 seconds of news from canada. classic rockers chief trick got a scare as their stage collapsed at the ottawa blues fest. the stage blew over in severe weather. that's where we snagged these pictures. check out the stage before. and after. it's barely recognizable. good news, no serious injuries. >>> you hear the words grope and airport and junk-touching security checkpoint horror stories pop to mind. there's a twist. phoenix police arrested a would-be passenger, a 61-year-old woman shown here fo
Jul 8, 2011 2:00am PDT
international and news corp. news international, the british arm of rupert murdoch's news corp. rebecca brooks, editor of "news of the world" when this phone hacking situation, scandal had happened. and along with andy coulson, she is a close friend of the british prime minister. so now many people are asking questions about whether or not david cameron himself knew what was going on. christine? >> unbelievable. i guess it wasn't good, old-fashioned shoe leather after all for the amazing scoops. stick around and weigh in on this one -- britain's launching a controversial lottery next month that's been dubbed "win a baby." the prize -- not a child but fertility treatment worth about $40,000. critics say this is inappropriate. it is demeaning. but the gambling commission has already okay'd the contest. >> it was announced yesterday that the charity called to hatch announced this lottery, this raffle if you will, for about $35 or $40. you can buy a ticket that will entitle you to some $40,000 worth of fertility treatments. just to give you an idea, though, people who are under the national health
Jul 6, 2011 2:00am PDT
people have been writing about this. david brooks in "the new york times" had an interesting story saying this is the mother of all no brainers, that republicans could be squandering an opportunity. another sees it as an error by the president. where it goes from here, we don't know. we know the great eight, as we are now dubbing them, because we have to have nicknames in washington for these people, but the leaders from the house and senate republicans and democrats meeting with the president. a quick statement from mitch mcconnell, the minority leader. these are not about rich or poor in an election but they're about making washington take the hit and make tough choices for a change. not the taxpayers and job creators. very firm on their position. no new taxes and democrats and the president says with we need to have new revenues. so that's where the problem is right now. >> and brooks' comment along with other republicans is that in exchange for increasing a few hundred million dollars in taxes, they could be getting trillions of dollars in cuts. the president is going to be hearing fr
Jul 22, 2011 2:00am PDT
james and protege rebekah brooks answered questions about the phone hacking scandal. some ex "news of the world" editors say he gave mistaken information to the committee. atika, what's this about? >> this is not just the ex-editor, but also the former lawyer for "news of the world" saying james murdoch was very much mistaken in his testimony, that he had been informed about an e-mail called the fornevil e-mail that showed the problem was not limited to one reporter, that this was more than a single person. it went much further. so this suggests that possibly james murdoch actually knew about this much earlier and that he settled with another claimant on this issue in order to basically cover it up. now, james murdoch has replayed to this challenge by his former editor and lawyer saying just very similar ly, i stand by my testimony to the select committee. very kurt reply. the committee members are not happy about this at all, they say they want to hear back from james murdoch to explain exactly what happened. was he lying the the committee, was he mistaken, did they forget. they w
Jul 6, 2011 5:00am EDT
's where the problem is right now. >> and brooks' comment along with other republicans is that in exchange for increasing a few hundred million dollars in taxes, they could be getting trillions of dollars in cuts. the president is going to be hearing from people today. he's holding one of the twitter town hall meetings. i never know what to make of these things, tim. >> it's like the haiku of social media. the 5-7-5. only it's 140 characters. don't think it's going to be truncated answers by the president. he'll give his responses to questions that have been prescreened. so this is not a big sur pripri. but it's taking place today. one of them in the washington journal saying there was only about 36 questions submitted, but there was a glitch. there have been thousands of questions submitted. obviously not that many will be asked today. >> all right, tim. we look forward to it. good to see you. have a great show this morning. >>> check out this video from kansas. you see someone tossing a bottle out of a car. the fact is she's littering. that's bad enough. the same woman tossed her empty i
Jul 7, 2011 2:00am PDT
. >> we're talking about dallas cowboys receiver roy williams who is suing his ex-girlfriend brooke daniels. he proposed to the former test as miss usa in february by mail. sent her a taped proposal. and a $76,000 ring. she turned him down, kept the ring. he want it is back. come on, you can't honestly think she should keep the ring. >> no, she should keep the ring because if he didn't have the decency to propose in person, he shouldn't get it at all. she should take it and go on vacation. seriously. >> note to anyone who plans to propose to her, do it in person person. we'll check in with you later. time to take a break. >>> it is thursday, july 7th. this is your a.m. wake-up call. i'm alley vel sti velshi joinin from new york. casey anthony could walk out of jail in a new hours. she was convicted of lying to police but acquitted of killing her daughter. she could avoid jail because of the time she's already served. and she could sell her story for a movie or a book or both. a grizzly bear mauled a hiker to death at yellowstone national park. the park service says the victim was wa
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)